Simple ideas to have a GREAT flight!

Quick and easy tips to make travel packing easier

  1. Dress in layers

You never know how hot or cold you are going to be once you are on the flight, so wearing layers that can easily be removed is the best option. Soft breathable clothing like, hoodies, cotton shirts and soft jumpers will all help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Wear the right shoes

Stay way from hight heels, or chunky boots. While it might look stylish it will not be a comfortable experience. Also wearing open-toe shoes such as sandals and flip-flops leave your feet exposed and also cold! These options also will not be comfortable once you depart the flight with all the walking, standing you will need to do. Keep these shoes for when you get to your hotel!

  1. Essentials Kit

While packing for your flight, pack a few essentials that will help you enjoy you flight.

    • A book
    • Some small snacks
    • A pair of fluffy socks
    • Earplugs
    • Chapstick
    • Moisturiser
    • U-shaped travel pillow
    • Eye mask
    • Wet Wipes
    • Disinfectant

If you have a chose always choose the early morning flight. There is very little chance that the flight will be delayed. Flights that are scheduled for later in the day are the ones that are normally delayed due to delays that have happened for many reasons during the day. Also, research shows that if you are afraid of flying there is less turbulence in the mornings.

5. Avoid caffeine

This will be difficult for some especially if you have chosen an early morning flight but research shows if you replace these with water you will arrive at your destination more refreshed as drinks such as sodas, coffee, tea can all dehydrate your body and skin. Always ask for bottled water or fruit juice.

6. Special menus

On many flights you are offered a choice of a special meal of your choice when booking the flight. It is recommended that you take advantage of these options and choose something different. This might be a tasty option then the “standard” meal that everyone else is going to get. Also, research shows that when flighting your taste-buds sometimes tend to get dull in the airplane due to changes in the air pressure. Opting for a stronger, spicier option might improve your meal experience.

7. Window seats

According to many studies, the best seat is the window seat. It is pretty much impossible to avoid infections and colds when you travel but the best to avoid it is to sit near the window seat. Human movement through the aisle is more likely to spread droplets through the air. When you are near the window seat you are more isolated.

8. Which row should I choose?

After many surveys conducted by airlines by the passengers, it has been suggested that the final rows have the best service. If you sit at the front you will be allowed to leave first but if you sit at the back you will receive more attentive service from the cabin crew. It is easier to bring extra food, water to the final rows than the first rows.

9. Tables and Seat pockets

According to the flight crew, the seat pockets are among the dirtiest on the airplane. Apparently they never get properly cleaned and everything from garbage and dirty tissues can be left in there. So during these difficult travel times, not using them at all will be your safer bet. The tables are next – and they are worse then the seat pockets. Always use a wet wipe from your essential kit to wipe down the table. Never place any food directly on the table.

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