Bespoke Spots provides you with a smart set of tools to showcase your business and connect to your community. Beautiful, simple and easy to use. Bespoke Spots is a fun and friendly place to hook up with your customers.

1. Add your Listing

Upload photos, add helpful links to your website or to social media, set an address and hours of operation and other informations that you may find relevant.

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2. Get Discovered by Visitors

Upon confirmation, your listing will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by visitors interested on similar places.

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3. Increase your earnings

Once discovered, customers will start coming to you! It’s your job from here to make them happy to leave positive reviews. That’s how Bespoke Spots helps them make better spending decisions.

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Questions and Answers

  1. How do I add a listing? – Click on this link “Add Listing” on the top right of the website.
  2. How do I add a Special Offer ? – Click on this link “Add New Product” 
  3. Do I need a Listing to add a Special Offer? – Yes, all Special Offers must be from a business who already has a FREE listing.
  4. What does the Special Offer look like? – Here is the link for the sample Special Offer
  5. What happens after I complete the form “Add New Product“? – the form will be sent to our administration team and they will upload the new offer for you.  A link to your offer page will be sent for you to view the offer and instructions on how to access your vendor dashboard.
  6. What is the commission structure for Special Offers? – Currently it is 12%
  7. What should our Special Offers include? – We are looking for a unique package or experience.  When sending through the form, make sure to include the terms and condition and instructions of the offer that the customer/member needs to action with your business.
  8. What should our prices include? – All your prices displayed on the Special Offer page, must include the 12% commission and your taxes.
  9. How do I know who has purchased my Special Offers?  – You will receive a link to access your dashboard which will show you quantity of  vouchers sold and the contact details of the voucher purchaser.  You will also be sent an email once each voucher is purchased.
  10. How will you promote the Special Offers? – We have developed partnerships in key areas: we are working with social media influencers and are members of many social groups.  We do ask that you promote your offer/s on your social media platforms and marketing via the link we provide to you.
  11. What are the terms and conditions? – please see below all links to our terms and conditions? – Covid-19 Policy, Terms and Conditions, Terms and Conditions – Vendor (Special Offers), Privacy Policy
  12. When will get paid? – Currently due to Covid restrictions, many banking institutions have changed their terms and conditions with us, the merchants.   Your payment will be sent to you maximum 21 days after we have received an invoice from you and customer has redeemed the voucher.
  13. How do I know when a customer redeems the voucher? – Via the dashboard you will see all the vouchers and numbers that have been purchased.  We do ask that you manage your dashboard.  As the vouchers are a virtual product, the offer is automatically fulfilled at your end.  You can change the filter to unfulfilled, and once the voucher is redeemed your can then change it back.  Remember you have us to support you along the way until you get used to it.
  14. Does the customer get a voucher? – the customer receives and email with all the details of the voucher, the terms and conditions and how to make contact with you.
  15. What do I do if I need to change my offer? – You log into your dashboard or contact us for help and guidance.
  16. What period of time should my offer be valid until? – Your voucher must be valid for 12 months from the date of issue, while government restrictions apply in relation to Covid-19 your business must be flexible and offer free extensions on all vouchers purchased from you so they can take advantage of your offer when the time is right.
  17. Can I limit the number of vouchers per offer? – Yes you have full control.  A voucher can be purchased one at a time or you they can be purchased in bulk.  It is remember to stipulate how many of these vouchers you would like to sell, to have control.