Bespoke Spots provides our members a way to find new and exciting things to See, Eat and Drink, Shop and Stay either in their own neighbourhood or in an another amazing destination.  You can also take advantage of exclusive offers from our vendors.

Questions and Answers

  1. How do I use the directory? – Search what you need and visit the listing
  2. How do I purchase a Special Offer? – Visit “Special Offers” and then find what you like.  Add to your cart, purchase and a receipt will confirm via your email.
  3. How do I register on the site? – When you purchase a Special Offer and before you purchase create an account.  This is will able you to view all your purchases, log a review on your favourite location.
  4. How do I log in to view my account, purchases, my address and account information?click on this link and enter in your details which you will receive once you have registered on our site either via the reviews section on our site or when you purchase a voucher.
  5. What are the terms and conditions? – please see below all links to our terms and conditions? – Covid-19 Policy, Terms and Conditions, Terms and Conditions – Vendor (Special Offers), Privacy Policy
  6. How long are vouchers for?  Each voucher purchased has a 12 month validity date from the date of purchase.  For more information, read the terms and conditions.
  7. How many vouchers can I purchase?  Each vendor has their own terms and conditions and are different.  So it is important to make sure you check he purchase before clicking purchase.