Etiquette tips for travellers

The Definitive List of Dos and Don’ts While You’re Travelling

What is travel etiquette?

The word “etiquette” refers to a group of rules and codes to behave or how to do different things in a proper way. These actions or behaviors are accepted by the whole society. But, remember that some “etiquettes” vary from one place to another. So, travel etiquettes are those guidelines and customs which control the way a person should behave when traveling.  

Every country has different codes or etiquettes that you must know before going there. Sometimes travel etiquettes are very different from place to place. You should know which things you are allowed to do and which not. 

  1. Learn a little bit about their language – In some countries, it is valued in a positive way the effort from the visitor for learning at least a few words in the local language. For example, you could learn how to say please, thank you, hi or goodbye.Be careful with gestures – gestures are interpreted in different ways depending on the country you are in. 
  2. Don’t Take People’s Pictures Without AskingIf the person is far away, it might be OK to snap a quick photo — but, and this will be relevant if you’re visiting a memorial site or a cemetery, remember that under no circumstances is it ever OK to take a photo of someone grieving. If you’d like to take someone’s picture, go up to them and ask if they will permit it, and if they do not, be understanding and back down immediately.
  3. Be Mindful At Memorials & Religious PlacesIf you really want to take a picture of a memorial or religious place, do your best to ensure there’s no one in the photo, as people who have come to grieve deserve privacy and respect. While you’re there, make sure that you’re also respectful of the tone. Aka, these are not the places to make phone calls, to laugh with friends, or to speak loudly.
  4. Prepare To Dress Conservatively – If you’re going to a conservative country, respect the culture. Dress as close to the locals as you can, both to show them that you respect their dress code, and also for your own safety. If everyone else has their shoulder’s covered, you should have yours covered, too
  5. Be Polite, AlwaysIf you don’t like the local food, you don’t have to eat it. But you do have to be gracious, and at the very least take a small bite and pretend to like it. Insulting food is insulting a culture in many cases. In the same way that you wouldn’t spit out something your grandmother made special for you, you shouldn’t crinkle up your face or turn up your nose at another culture’s food, drink, dress, music, or lifestyle.



  1. Be polite, respectful and thankful
  2. Search information about the places you will be visiting
  3. Respect other cultures and learn about local customs
  4. Wait your turn
  5. Be patient
  6. Have all your travel documents ready and accessible in all airport lines
  7. Respect other people’s personal space


  1. Treat locals poorly
  2. Make negative comments
  3. Make assumptions
  4. Don’t block the aisles on planes, trains or other types of transportation
  5. Complain because things are not done that way at home
  6. Blame people if they have difficulty understanding you
  7. Be passive-aggressive

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