Bespoke Spots provide our partners the opportunity to reach more people. We do it by helping you gain visibility through marketing and connections.

1. Connect- For Hotels

We can connect you to leading book sites such as, Expedia, Hotelbeds,, Agoda, Kayak and many others. We manage the entire process so you can relax.

2. Increase Visibility – For Everyone!

We understand the importance of getting your brand out there to drive more traffic and bookings directly to you. We offer digital marketing services including website design, social media management, and advertising, Google Ads, copywriting and design.

3. Get Support – For Everyone!

Our experience and skills allows us to provide additional support to your business including rate review analysis, tender submissions, business and marketing advice and much more. That’s how Bespoke Spots helps you.

Our experience over the last 25 years ranges from:

  • Running a boutique hotel marketing services in Australia we are going WORLDWIDE! and have worked closely with, Siteminder, Cloudbeds, Tripadvisor, AGODA, Hotelbeds etc and other travel, restaurants and leisure organisations.
  • Designed and executed many websites (contact us below for examples)
  • Working with many small to medium business worldwide becoming part of their marketing strategy
  • Developing Brand Strategies for all types of businesses.

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